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Saturday, January 01, 2000

my job application experience

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ah, sorry, you asked about my job application experience!

ok, i posted my resume on, and on Many recruiters emailed me with offers. eventually i agreed to a phone interview with a school and was offered a job. it all happened rather quickly. the esl market is huge in korea, i really think i couldve gotten a job that same week i posted my resume, if i wanted.

when the recruiter first contacted me, she called and asked if i'd like to interview with cdi. i told her yes, but before she sets it up, reminded her that i am black-american. she said she knew, b/c she had my photo. she did apologize (she sounded embarrassed, actually, i guess about my knowing/understanding korea's xenophobia and cultural illiteracy).

when i had the interview with the school, we talked and things went great but at the end of the conversation i did tell him, "Mr. X, before we end this interview, I'd like to remind you that I'm black-american." i told him that i was aware of the discrimination in korea, and am not mad about it actually (b/c it's ignorance and not hate), but that i want the school i work for to be aware of who i am. he said he understood, and thanked me, but let me know that their school hires based on potential, experience, etc, and not color.

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