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Saturday, January 01, 2000


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Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 5:03:09 AM
Subject: You're a god send...really

I'm serious. You ARE a God send. I have an interview with CDI tomorrow and I was looking for someone, pref black and female, to tell me more about the reality of stuff. I hope you get this e-mail and of course I hope you have time to respond. I am surprised to hear words like "million" this being withheld for key fees (?) or million that. It's probably the currency change. I am mostly surprised to hear you say that you don't get free rent, you don't get health insurance, vacation...I guess I misunderstood what they meant in their online file or did they tell an outright lie? I thought you got subsidized health care and free apartment and stuff. HEEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!! Please "help a sista out" (as my friend would say).
Well, enuff for now. I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck in Korea and who knows, maybe we'll actually meet. Ciao for now.
i spoke to this sista via chat. turned out that tho she was raised in the states, she had a foreign passport. korea requires esl teachers to hail from specific english speaking countries, so she didnt get the job. she's looking into japan.

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