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Saturday, January 01, 2000

cdi training/hours i work

Date: Jun 17, 2007 3:47 PM
Hey I have a couple of other questions. I really want to thank you for helping me out with these questions!

After you arrive in Korea, you start the training sessions that are 3 hours long. You do 2 mock teachings, a physical check-up, 1 grammar test, and some other tests regarding the organization. Right?

Also, did you do another interview AFTER you got to Korea or is the phone interview all you have to do? I’m sure you had to sign the MOU and fax it over to CDI. From your experience, do they follow exactly what’s on the MOU? I mean do you really receive the salary that’s stated on the MOU and do you really work the hours stated on the MOU?

Again, I would seriously appreciate it if you could give me any other comments or advices that you may have since you are currently teaching at CDI. I want to be ready for what I am going to face. Thanks and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
every training day is like: learn how to do the lesson, then mock it to each other. it is intimidating to stand up in front of everybody, but we're all in the same boat.

i did not do a second interview.

the mou is pretty much followed, i get paid what i was offered. for the hours stated, i dont remember exactly what im mou said, but i think for all cdi campuses: you have to be there and log in 20 min until your shift starts (3:40pm if you start at 4pm) and then you're done at 10:30pm and go home. at my campus, everyone comes about an hour early, more so to chat and such, rather then prep. prep doesnt take more than 10 min (it's just printing your materials).

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