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Friday, August 13, 2010

a new gig for supa fly

b/c of lots of luck (and mad thanks to a good friend who put in a good word for me), i got a job w/cdi april in sanbon. this is quite different than regular cdi curriculum and nothing like the middle school memory classes which are my favorite to teach, but who doesnt love working with the little ones?! they're smart and adorable and i cant wait to get into the classroom^^ And once again, here's the link to point to point subway directions in english:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

how i got my criminal background check

as of dec 31, 2010, korea will only take an fbi background check.
it's easy, but takes about 3 months. do it here:
this is how i did it while in my hometown of san diego in july 2010. Background checks are also referred to as: Criminal History Reports, Vulnerable Sector Screenings, CPIC Searches, Subject Access Forms, Letters of Good Conduct, Criminal Background Searches, & Criminal Clearance Letters.

7/14 today i went to the san diego sheriff's office License Division asked for a "Good Conduct Letter." They gave me the application, i filled it out, showed my id, and paid the fee. i couldve picked it up 3 days later, but i asked they just mail it to me. if youre in san diego, the adrs is:
San Diego Sheriff Lic. Division
9621 Ridgehaven Ct
San Diego, CA 92123

7/20 got the good conduct letter in the mail.

7/21 Today, i sent the good conduct letter to the state dept to have it legalized with an apostille. it cost me $20. i sent the good conduct letter along with a SASE and my own letter saying i am applying for an e-2 visa for south korea...
if you are in cali like me:

California Office of the Secretary of State
Business Programs Division
Notary Public Section
P.O. Box 942877
Sacramento, CA 94277-0001

7/31 got the letter from the sheriff back today. i did not get the apostille b/c i didnt get the sheriff letter notarized, so i have to do that & re-send. dammit.

08/02 went back to the sheriff & got my letter notarized. mailed it off again for the apostille.

08/11 got the cbc with apostille today. horray!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

E2 Visa Regulation Changes

this is info from the footprints website. more info here and here.

new visa regulations regarding E2 visa effective August 31 & December .
Degree documentation (for All Nationalities):

Korean immigration will no longer accept original degrees after August 31, 2010. Instead, you will submit a copy of degree with Apostille (or Korean consular seal for Canadians). Alternatively you can get your academic record verified by the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE), however this is a very lengthy process.

Criminal Record Checks (Americans Only):

Korean immigration will no longer accept state level record checks after December 31st, 2010. Only FBI criminal record checks will be accepted. FBI checks typically take 3 months to process, and require fingerprinting to be done. click here for fbi website. If you did not submit an FBI check before the start of your last contract, and wish to renew or sign another contract elsewhere, you WILL have to get an FBI check to start that new job or even renew your current contract. You cans see full visa requirements for all nationalities here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sample apostille

starting dec 31, 2010, your criminal background check has to be done via the fbi:
============ ========== ========== ==========
with thanks to, here is a sample apostille. send your letter of good conduct to the dept of state with a letter saying youre applying for an e2 visa for south korea. the apostille is supposed to have the following on it, or a separate piece of paper with the following on it:
  1. Name of the country from which the document emanates;
  2. Name of person signing the document;
  3. The capacity in which the person signing the document has acted; in the case of unsigned documents, the name of the authority which has affixed the seal or the stamp;
  4. Place of certification;
  5. Date of certification;
  6. The authority issuing the certificate;
  7. Number of certificate;
  8. Seal or stamp of authority issuing the certificate;
  9. Signature of authority issuing certificate
print and send the sample with your request to make sure it looks right.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

starting the paperwork

before you take a job, you need the following.
step 1: have BA degree (if you have only associates or have 2 yrs of undergrad, check talk program).
step 2: regardless of where you were born, be a passport holding citizen of US, CA, UK, IR, AS, NZ, or SA
step 3: you also need the stuff listed below. get started on these things right away b/c they can take a long time.
  • three sealed official copies of your college transcript
  • your original college diploma.
  • your resume
  • your passport (do you need to renew? it has to be 6month valid after your arrival in korea).
  • 6 copies of a passport photo. 3 photos will be sent to Korean Immigration, 1 will be offered to the Korean consulate and 2 will be required for your health examination in Korea. You can get photos in korea no problem; there are booths at many subway stations, but get at least 2 before you arrive in korea.
  • aaaaaaaaand let's not forget the criminal background check. as of dec 31, 2010, it must be done via the fbi.
get more of everything if you can afford, b/c what if you get there and have the worst job ever? you want to get a different job; the process starts all over again if you do visa run.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

yeah, just kidding^^

ive been home about 5 weeks? i love san diego, it's beautiful here. i love being with my family, i love hanging out with my friends here, i friggin LOVE the daygo weather, i love zarapes, i love harar, i love my hometown forreal, BUUUUUUUUUUUHT im going back to korea. public school this time, if im not too late to apply. updates to come.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

the end

hello blogworld. Today (which is my 1,187th day living here), i am leaving korea and going back home to cali. the "why" of my leaving is a compilation of many things that i needn't bother you with. The plan for now is to go home, grad school, maybe back to korea one day b/c it was good to me. for any of my brothers & sisters that may be reading: dont listen to them, a job in korea is here for you if you want it, forreal for real.

~the supa dupa fly seoul sista

Brothas&Sistas of South Korea

Monday, May 10, 2010

lapband in korea

sometimes i think about surgery to help me not be such a big girl in little panties. you can get lapband here for about $8,000.00.

here is a link for doctors who do this in korea

for my own reference, here is a doctor near me that i might see: