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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

be very very prepared.

below is some correspondence i've had via myspace with a brotha in korea now. wow, lesson to all: be prepared! come to korea with extra passport photos, extra official transcripts, extra copies of your degree, and MONEY. again, im so glad i was turned down by japan. all this time i've been checking up on korea and ive read stories like this guy's over and over again. :(

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Date: Jan 8 2007 03:05
yup thats right. i fiyah burned my director and quit this gig over here. i feel like i dont get the respect due from my director. its alittle too much like im his "slave", for lack of a better word. Cali im coming home. they dont know how to treat a Rastaman over here in South Korea.

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Date: Jan 8 2007 11:20 PM
just like that? did you consider checking out another school? how long have you been in korea?

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Date: Jan 8 2007 23:55
2 weeks. i am looking into other schools but all the paper work thats needs to be done means i need to go to japan then come back, plus more transcripts, another diploma, and other hoops to jump through. i seriously advise you to very careful when coming here. they will try to rip you off and work you like you have never thought possible. i have to be here by 8:30 and dont leave till 8:30pm. when i get home i have to finish work til about midnight. its tough to find room to eat.
this is not always the case. i have met many who work about 3hrs a day and still get 2mil won. so it depends. i was mislead and lied to before i came. i hope you arent.

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Date: Jan 9 2007 09:20 AM
ah brotha, im so sorry. i will for sure keep your advice/experience in mind. i've been reading up on esl in korea for quite some time. i am fairly confident that the school i chose is reputable, but when i arrive, i will do so with extra transcripts, diplomas, and money to last until ii find another school and they pay for the visa run, if the situation arrives.

im sad that youre leaving korea! have you any friends there just yet, to stay with until you check out other schools? you could stay in one of those love hotels or a Goshiwon or a yoinsuk? all whilst awaiting someone to mail you copies of your paperwork to start a new job?

i'll be arriving on february 10th. it would've been nice to have met you.

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Kirk said...


Nice blog.

I like the countdown clock - it's a good idea. Not long to go before you'll be here. I bet you're going through the same anxious-excitment stage that I went through. It's all good in the end - as soon as you land here, your fears are forgotten, and the 'wow' factor comes in!

Take care,