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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

im a sucker.

im leaving my job on february 3rd. i found out that i get paid for my accumulated holiday time and vacation time when i leave, but i do NOT get any of my sick time, and do you know what yo i have 114.75 hours of sick time? hmph. just gone. no money for it, no days off, nothing. i talked to the boss about it and asked her if there was anything we could do about that. i told her that i didnt plan on calling in sick everyday b/c it's not right and that no i dont love my job or the people here but i do have a sense of responsibility and i know that if im not there, the extra work has to be absorbed by my colleagues... blah blah blah... complain complain complain... she said she understood; that at her last job, she lost around 300 hours of sick time. so what i guess we were playing who suffered more? puh. im not mad, but i am pretty darned annoyed. i gave them like 2 months notice of my leaving, they thanked me up and down for that, but couldnt nobody let a person know about some sick time?! all the extra shifts i've covered, the holidays i worked, the shifts i worked when other people called in sick, and now that im here writing it, i AM getting really angry...


Harvey said...

That does suck. It happens though. Most people I know end up leaving a lot of sick days behind when they leave their jobs. Don't sweat it!

supa dupa fly said...

update: not too much later after writing this, i started calling in sick. my bosses had a meeting with me about it and i told them that im young and angry and refuse to promise to not call in anymore. ha! i had about two weeks left on the job at this point. from that day onward, i was an 'on call' employee and we told the office that i needed to do that to get prepared for korea. and yeah, true, i did use the time for that. after that day i only worked maybe two or three shifts. but it was also b/c i told the boss that if she had a problem w/me using my sick time, i'd leave that day and not sweat it. wooo, i was so mad! ha!