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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogs of black folks abroad

it's a different experience being abroad if you're a person of color.
these are some blogs of my brothas and sistas elsewhere in the world.
have a blog yourself? shoot, let a sista know! i like these different flags.


im not so good at posting my actual "life," like what i do for fun and such. my friends are, tho. so if the blogs above have a little **, it means that it's a person i actually know in real life, and they've probably done a better job of writing actual life experience of life here in seoul.


ExpatJane said...

Thanks for listing me!

Here is another one.

Thee Black Guy In China:

Oh, get yourself on the Korean blog list. Here is that link I promised to get to you. That site is:

Take care!

DMB said...

Hi Supa Dupa Fly,

Thanks for including my blog in your post! I look forward to reading more of your adventures! See you around!

Superbizzee said...

Man, I LOVE your blog!!!
If anyone has a blog about any Black folks teaching english in Brazil, hit me up! I'm planning on going in the fall...

A brotha in Japan said...

Another blog for a single 30 yr old brotha speaking fluent japanese living in Japan

Angelia said...

i LOVE you're blog ... very informative ... I will be in SK soon ... Ilsan ... on the other side from where I think you are, but still in the vicinity ... look forward to possibly meeting up with cool people like yourself! take care ... how much longer will u be in SK??

J. LaNae said...

Thanks for posting all the blogs. I am planning on teaching in S. Korea next year hopefully Daegu or Busan. I need all the resources I can get!

Vakker Kvinne said...

Thanks for this list!

Don't forget about us in Scandinavia :-)

Chanel Claire said...

Going to be in Korea Soon and documenting my experiences!


Khadijah Anderson said...


I know you're living Korea, but I'm really glad I found your site.

I'm a black female from the states and have been in Korea for ten months. I post daily on my blog and whenever I make a video on my YouTube channel.

Check me out here:

Thanks for the blog! I'm sorry to hear your leaving Korea!! You'll be missed!