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Sunday, December 10, 2006

other korea blogs

not like i know everything.
do check out these other korea blogs.
this is the logo i made for my blog.
i couldnt figure out how to post this
in place of the blog title header.
ah, well, it's still pretty.

  • some canadian guy i randomly found on a google search. i like his blog, tho.
  • this one belongs to a korean woman, talking about her own american culture shock. pretty cool.
  • i dont know this girl, she just commented on my blog one day. i thought she was really nice.
  • this is kirk. looks like we'll be starting jobs in korea about the same time. well, he'll be there first.
  • here are other korea esl teachers talking about the field of ESL, how to survive your one year contract, etc.
  • and here is one about life in korea, not necessarily esl.
  • here is an index solely of blogs about being in korea.
  •, also has a forum.

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Gdog said...

Hello! Great blog by the way. I'm also teaching in Korea--it's a hoot. Check out my blog if you have a chance, laters!