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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i GOT a job!

happy holidays! i got a job with cdi!
im super hype, y'all. i've been offered a job in one of the 7 seoul/kyunggi cdi main branches which is exactly what i wanted. i start in february. i've opted for being paid hourly. with hourly, you'll get a minimum of 96 hours a month. i've opted for hourly b/c i want to enjoy my first year. i may not work as many hours as others in a month, but so what, money will come. i can use that time to explore korea. ah man, remember when i was working to find a job in japan and was turned down? twice? im so glad for that now. so, im awaiting my passport, and awaiting my diploma from my university. i already have my transcripts. i signed and faxed the cdi contract the other day. i bought my ticket to seoul a couple days ago. my last day at my job is feb 3rd. i leave for seoul on feb 16th. dance, banana, dance!


Sae aka Audrey said...

Congrats! You'll love Korea! Me and my boyfriend do!!!

Harvey said...

Excellent! I can't believe you post your salary on the web, you're crazy ;-)

I bet it will be freezin in Seoul in Feb! Feb is the coldest month of the year on the main island in Japan anyway.

Good luck to you! I'm sure you're gonna have a blast, or get blasted... Which every way it turns out though it's sure to be an invaluable experience!

Darien said...

You go girl!

i_teach_esl said...

omg harvey, i wasn't even thinking about that. i took it off *blush*