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Monday, August 28, 2006

no job with nova

i had an interview with nova a couple of weeks ago and they turned me down. >:( nova is supposed to be the easiest to get hired by, w/ it's reputation of "nova hires anybody with a degree and a pulse," NOT SO!!!! that stupid nova bunny is mocking me...

it's a blessing in disguise... pretty bad reputation whilst google researching, but still, getting turned down really hurt my ego. but it is my fault, i was just soooo sure they would hire me, and i dicked around so much and was 15 min late to the orientation. AND, my tattoo on my forearm was showing. and my hair was an issue too, they mentioned, tho i didnt know it would be. i thought i did so well in my interview, and bit my nails for two weeks awaiting a response, and then got a letter in my mail telling me no thank you. i felt hella stupid!

frak it, ive now applied with aeon & geos, and determined that if i get turned down by them, i will apply with jet, kevins english schools, and ecc. they cant ALL turn me down. the tardiness, according to my mentors and folks i've met in the nova & japan english teachers groups in yahoo, is what hurt me most. in japan, being on time means being 15 min early. lesson learnt.'

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