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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

lil' intro

i have a girlfriend who is leaving for japan next month to teach. a lot of college grads do it, via nova or jet or something, and be gone for however long. im excited for her.

my homeboy has been there for 2 years now, he keeps renewing his contract, b/c he just really likes it. im so inspired now. i think im going to japan, too.

i did apply once before, i got an email asking i come to san francisco for an interview and i let that email sit in my inbox for a year and a half. i wasnt ready, i guess. i liked my job, i was worried about all my debts & felt i couldnt leave, i didnt have the money to go to san francisco for the interview, etc, many other excuses/reasons. but now i think i AM ready, im inspired, i think i need to just go! i sent in my application to nova. i got an email asking i schedule an interview. and nova will actually BE in san diego on the 27th. its kismet.

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