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Saturday, August 04, 2007

paying bills back home

The only bill ive had to pay back home is my student loan. every month at payday, i go to the bank and transfer money to my account back home, then i pay everything online once the money is in the account. i have also done some online shopping w/amazon, using my home account as well (it's a atm/visa check card through my bank).

other bills i was able to transfer to other names/people, or cut off entirely; but if there were others, im sure i'd be able to do it all online just as i am w/the student loan.

my old apartment still has bills and my cats, but i send money to the roommates and they make sure everything is taken care of. we did it all online before, anyway, so it's all staying the same.

i think i've written this elsewhere, but here it is again:

  • before you leave for korea, go to your bank, tell them you're leaving the country so that they dont cut your account privileges.
  • check your billing adrs and contact number the bank has (i changed mine to my parents adrs & phone)
  • double check your account number, password, routing number.
  • get the bank full adrs, phone number, and email (i was able to email my korea adrs and phone number to my bank once i got here).