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Friday, August 01, 2014

I'm still here

Hi Blogworld. Wow, i have not logged in to my i_teach_esl@yahoo email for well over a year... longer, I think. My apologies to everyone who msged me. When i started this blog, i thought it best to remain anonymous, but since so much time has passed (and, since every so often, someone tries to reach out and I remain unaware)  you can find me on facebook

But you all know about the fb group for black expats, BSSK Brothas&Sistas of South Korea? There is a wealth of information there and lots of people to learn from. Please do check it out 

a little disclaimer: I am now 38 years old. I think that is my reason (or, i'm using it as my reason, anyway) for my lack of patience and my direct and forward manner. If you email me your life story with no actual concrete questions, I will probably be a little put out. I understand the power of writing something out, that's why i started a blog. You should, too. Also, the fb group has so much information: your questions are probably already answers. Please skim the docs and files. And, the internets has changed so much since 2007. There is SO MUCH INFO already out there: you can watch youtube vlogs, read esl forums, etc, to learn all that there is about teaching in south korea. Please really think it through before you message me. Maybe it feels like you know me b/c of this blog, and I'm glad if it helps, but in actuality, i don't know you. Don't msg me all of your deep dark secrets and insecurities and hope that I can save you. I'm just an esl teacher. I like to think i have power in my classroom, but that's about it. If you are so scared to come to korea, I suggest you look deeper for help and what the real issue is.

anyway... you can find me and other fam on fb. My overall msg remains the same: don't let anybody (especially the dominant anglos) tell you what you can and cannot do, or what you are or aren't capable of. Fam is here, let's help/support each other. I've met plenty of fam here in korea that i'm not crazy about, but bottom line is that if you need something, I am here for you. You can reach out any time, and if i am able, i will help.