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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

so this is aeon.

i had a one on one interview with aeon today. i think it went well. i dont want to get overly excited, but i think i did ok.

honest to god, i really do enjoy teaching, and i think im going to love this job. when i demo'ed my lesson plan at the group interview, i was so hype, i had so much fun. i think it showed, i think thats why i was called back. but i dont feel as secure about today's interview. i'll know in two weeks time if i have a job offer or not. i should send a thank you note...

i wonder who else got called back out of my group of 5. One guy, Matt, and I were chatting outside afterward, he told me that he too had been turned down by nova... he'd called their office from his cell phone "goofing on them" as he put it, and nova traced the call back to his cell phone. he didnt give me details as to what he said probably b/c i kept saying "you did WHAT?" i asked him how nova knew it was him calling, "they asked me about it in the interview," he says. this is all a true story, just a reminder!then matt notices the girl he walked down with went back inside the building. he starts panicking, saying over and over he hopes she didnt go back in there. "why?" Smiling, he answers, "I told her i cheated off her grammar test we had to take at the end." then he laughs and says he also told her that he wasnt interested in teaching, that he just wanted to go to japan to party. i told him that he may want to put up some boundaries for himself before becoming so aloof and joke-y with people.for the first 20 minutes of my drive home, i kept thinking to myself how nice it must be to be white, and clueless about appropriate behavior since everything has always been so easy for you... *pish* pero anyways, i hope he did get called back tho, really, his lesson plan and mock was good.

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