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Friday, September 01, 2006

moving on.

i interviewed w/aeon on 8/23, and they called me on 8/24 to schedule a one on one. yeah, thats right, the NEXT DAY they called me, sucka! im trying to not get too excited, b/c i surely did get happy with nova and then felt all STUPID afterwards when they turned me down!

i feel confident about this one. i was early, i had cool visual aids (we had to come w/our own prepared lesson plan and demo 5 min of it), i ROCKED my lesson plan, i looked really cute in my black with pink flowers skirt. tattoos were covered, hair stayed in a neat head wrap, and i had fresh breath.

in case anyone reading this is interested in this whole application process of teaching in japan, try yahoo groups. i joined the aeonteachernetwork, esl_teacherscafe, teachinjapan, and theteachersroomjapan yahoo groups. AND i've uploaded in the files section sample lesson plans, the actual application, mindful advice i've read on other posts, etc. im a nerd-o. if youre interested in nova, try the yahoo group novareality. i left that one after nova turned me down, der... a lot of aeon posters have american celebrities on them. i guess if you go to their school to learn english, mariah carey might drop in and visit?

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