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Saturday, September 02, 2006

no answer yet from aeon.

ive not yet heard from aeon. i hate all this waiting. i wish i just knew. the NO from nova really knocked my confidence, i feel like im waiting not for a job offer, but a letter in the mail saying no thank you. alas, there's nothing to do now but wait.

*sigh* they likely wont call over the weekend. and monday is labor day, so tuesday is maybe the earliest i'll get a call.

for distraction, im going through the buffy the vampire slayer series. im on season 5.
Turns out one of my coworkers is a die hard fan, so im brushing up on my btvs so she and i can wax on about it. we were so happy to have found this out about each other, especially to have found another sista who loves the show, and really wish we'd known this sooner. we couldve gone to the buffy parties together, couldve watched the first run episodes together! yeah, im serious! we both, also, see the same racist undertones to the series. i wrote my final college paper about it. im a multi dimentional being, there are many layers to me. seriously tho, there were practically NO reoccuring black characters onthat show. there was kendra, who was in two episodes, then she died. and she was high yellow looking like buffy with a tan.

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