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Friday, September 15, 2006

personal preparation

*i dont have any djembes, but this picture was nice enough for this entry.*
its been 3 days since my last entry, i have been online reading a lot about esl in korea. i have decided that im going to do it on my own. I am so glad i wasnt hired by aeon or nova, because i so got this. im aiming for leaving in March. i began to make a list of all the things i want to take care of before i leave: get new glasses, see the dentist, finish my tattoos, etc. I called some friends over and began to give away some of my belongings.

Eric to him i gave two mbrias and a set of shakers. he wouldnt take more b/c he knew yiriba was coming. *sigh* i adore eric, he's the nicest gentlest person and the best of drummers ive ever known. we call him J.C., b/c eric is so nice, kinda like Jesus.

Awoojola has some wooden carved dolls i'd brought back from ghana, a set of ibeji dolls, a set of ebony wood sculptures, a stone plate with an image of africa inscribed on it, uhm, im not sure what else, i told her to take what pleased her. she makes me laugh. i wish we hung out more. i think she's studying to be a yoruba priestess.

Yiriba to yiriba i gave two kpanlongos, three dondos, two boat bells, a small double bell, a big double bell, some shakers, two takai drums, a balafon and all the sticks i had. I'd thought he could use them for his african performance ensemble, but turns out the brotha volunteers at Fanno Academy teaching african percussion and will use them with the students. he said he'd put up a plaque in the room dedicating it to me, and would make sure all the kids could say and spell my name. (hee hee!) i told him i'd just like to come by in a few weeks, so that i can see the kids do their stuff.

Fanno Academy through yiriba, i passed on wooden carvings from zimbabwe given to me by joshua; a strip of kente cloth (i'd got at the black baccalaureate when i graduated college), and my massai necklace from kenya. i always said i'd volunteer at fanno, but still aint even been to the campus.

Akayaa to her i gave a few outfits (up down) i'd had made in ghana, along with a lot of cloth and some jewelry, all from ghana/togo. she's a phenomenal dancer and in giving these things to her, i know they will be in good use of her students/colleagues.

Blaque refused to take anything just yet, but did let me know she got eyes on my books. i'll have her take as many as she can handle, the rest will go to the malcolm x library, along with any dvds i may have.
March 2007 i'll be in korea

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