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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

awaiting an answer from aeon

still awaiting an answer from aeon. it's been exactly 7 days today. ive been looking for forums online of teachers in japan, aeon specifically. if you do a google image search, you'll come up with a lot of pictures of Aeon Fluz. so weird the type of people that are in these forums. in, a guy posted a question as to how to answer "why japan" when he interviews. his real reasons, he says, are because he loves anime and magna, and to meet japanese girls b/c he heard it's easy to get laid if youre american. i dont remember quite what he said, but it was something sex nastee. i notice also a fair amount of japanese bashing in the forums. i wonder why they decided to go in the first place. can it be so bad? no. it wont be for me, im sure. every job ive had, every training, everything, there've always been people talking a lot of trash, i've never seen it as bad as others did. everything is temporary. people are too negative. i think its white people, they're so used to having things given to them, having things so easy, any small struggle is "not fair" to them. this is my own blog, so i can write whatever i want.


Anonymous said...

I commented earlier about how people bash Korea unfairly and the same probably goes for Japan. I've got friends in Tokyo and they LOVE it. It's not perfect, but nowhere is. Every culture has good and bad aspects. I wholeheartedly agree about certain groups of people (white middle class males, especially) being used to getting everything so easily that they crumble under a little pressure. A lot of white people experience real discrimination for the first time when they go abroad and then they start preaching about how much better it is back home because they refused to accept that even though it wasn't happening to them personally it still existed there as well. I experienced much more prejudice and nastiness in the United States than I've experienced over here.

i_teach_esl said...

tell it! :)