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Friday, September 08, 2006

aeon, shmayon.

so i wont be joining the aeon team. bah. i lined up my next interview with geos.

i was really embarrassed to have to tell friends of aeon turning me down. but everyone said great things: they didnt want me to leave anyway, aeon sounds ill, it's not meant to be w/this company. one girlfriend said to me, "its not about you, really." and she's right. i gave a great demo, which got me the one on one interview, but that one on one was one hour. how can someone possibly get to know me in an hour? if i said something offensive or questionable, maybe it was taken the wrong way. maybe it was down to having to pick one out of 5 perfect candidates, it means 4 have to be a pass. maybe its an image thing: i do have locks, even tho i said i'd cut them, maybe it's still an issue. maybe to have no hair after i cut them was an issue. maybe its being overweight. maybe its my oddly thin eyebrows. who knows... i've been reading lately at, many people who teach/taught abroad talk about how they just flew to asia and winged it. maybe i'll do that, maybe i'll just GO.thank you to my friends. thank you for reminding me that there are people who think im great, there's nothing to be done about the ones that dont.

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