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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

how can i help myself?

ok so i've got these three aspects of myself that may prove to be obstacles for getting hired in asia. i need to empower myself. i can't change being black, and i wouldn't want to, but i can change my weight and possibly change my hair style. i want this job change, i deserve it, im qualified for it. it's my understanding that image is very important in asia. i want to do all i can to make myself hire-able. marketable? able. homegirl blaque, ever supportive, has joined me in following better nutrition. i wont state here what she started as, but thus far she's lost 7 lbs. i started at 245. i have lost 5. my hair... i wear a headwrap most of the time, is that acceptable? i could cut my locks off. well, maybe not just yet! i had a job once that asked i not wear my headwrap. i told them i was muslim (LIE!), and do you know them suckas asked i bring a letter from my mosque to verify that?! haters. whatevers, because...
march 2007, i'll be in korea.

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