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Saturday, January 06, 2007

resu & cover letter & photo

in process:

thank you to young frankenstein a la daves for the info.
1st, to legally get job you must be citizen of UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA, South Africa, Austrailia, and New Zealand.
Or a country where English is spoken (such as India or Malaysia) and the applicant MUST have an English degree. The countries quoted above can get a visa with ANY degree.

No, it's not new. It's just there are so few who come from those countries to teach, it's not as well-known.

Most of the Filipino/Indian teachers on E2s (because they have their English degrees) take DRASTIC cuts in pay and living costs compared to us in exchange for DRASTIC increases in workloads. Many are paid around 1mill, but most get less than that, all for 140-160 hours a month. And no paid accommodation, either. Most of the ones I know or know of who have their E2s do phone or internet English. There are a very small few who teach at uni (working 30-35 hours a week).

Proofread, proofread, proofread. If I see any errors, your resume is going to the bottom of the interview pile.
Do not tell me how well you did in high school. I don't care if you got 95% on your grade 11 math final. I don't care if you won the grade 10 drama award. I don't even care if you wrote for the school newspaper. That's the stuff that got you into university. If you've still got it on your resume, it makes you sound desperate.oneiros:
Not longer than 2 pages. Clear and well presented. List only relevant experience (leave out the jobs that are not related to education/training). Do not list all of your degrees, only the most recent one. Do not list all of your hobbies and interests. Either include references or list that they can be furnished upon demand. ===2) Keep it short, if you can keep your resume to one page, it's great. Do not use under 12pt font either, it will piss people off. Two pages is acceptable, three the absolute max, but no one should need three pages. Put your work history in descending order, from the most recent to the oldest. You do NOT have to put every single job you had on your resume, nor every skill.laogaiguk:
Cover Letter:
One page. Highlight what would make you a good teacher. Do not do actually works against you. Personalize the letter (address it to a person or a hiring committee). ===Start it off with what YOU can do for the school. The second part should be why you want to work there (this is not as important, so keep it shorter). Put things you couldn't put in the resume due to length here.====In terms of cover letters, keep it clear and concise. I don't want to read things like "After a damp morning in May, in the midst of a cloudy afternoon, after years of hard work and sacrifice, I received my degree and moved one step closer to achieving my dream, my dream of being an English teacher." This is a quotation from an actual cover letter I've received. This person did not get interviewed. Just tell me why you want to work for us, and why I should hire you.
Present your documents clearly and mistake-free.
As for what is considered, it varies from place to place (Hakwon, Universities, Public Schools) as do the requirements.
I know we look for certain qualifications and experience but we also evaluate personality and general demeanor when the interview takes place (we also send a questionnaire in advance of the interview). My university does most of its hiring locally as they prefer face to face interviews. The interview is conducted by a small committee of Koreans and Westerners. When hiring from abroad the university relies on recommendations from its staff and asks for a few more references.
PhotoMake sure you use a professional looking photo. We've gotten a ton of photos of people who: look drunk or stoned ; are showing too much cleavage or skin; are somewhat inappropriate (there have been a few guys who sent vacation photos with bargirls sitting on their knees), etc. Make sure it's a clear photo, too.
email: Make sure you don't have a retarded email name.
"yes we'll be sure to call you"pak yu man

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