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Sunday, July 11, 2010

starting the paperwork

before you take a job, you need the following.
step 1: have BA degree (if you have only associates or have 2 yrs of undergrad, check talk program).
step 2: regardless of where you were born, be a passport holding citizen of US, CA, UK, IR, AS, NZ, or SA
step 3: you also need the stuff listed below. get started on these things right away b/c they can take a long time.
  • three sealed official copies of your college transcript
  • your original college diploma.
  • your resume
  • your passport (do you need to renew? it has to be 6month valid after your arrival in korea).
  • 6 copies of a passport photo. 3 photos will be sent to Korean Immigration, 1 will be offered to the Korean consulate and 2 will be required for your health examination in Korea. You can get photos in korea no problem; there are booths at many subway stations, but get at least 2 before you arrive in korea.
  • aaaaaaaaand let's not forget the criminal background check. as of dec 31, 2010, it must be done via the fbi.
get more of everything if you can afford, b/c what if you get there and have the worst job ever? you want to get a different job; the process starts all over again if you do visa run.


Natalie said...

do you have any advice for a person in sk already who got here before the new background check stuff? I'm considering a public school for next fall but I don't have an FBI background check or an apostilled diploma. Do you know if I can do it via mail or would I have to go back? Thanks and fun blog!

supa dupa fly said...

you can do it here via mail.

Anonymous said...

I won't Have my diploma until May of 2013 but I want to teach in Korea and will have my diploma when I am going over there, but will they let me apply and accept me.