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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

how i got my criminal background check

as of dec 31, 2010, korea will only take an fbi background check.
it's easy, but takes about 3 months. do it here:
this is how i did it while in my hometown of san diego in july 2010. Background checks are also referred to as: Criminal History Reports, Vulnerable Sector Screenings, CPIC Searches, Subject Access Forms, Letters of Good Conduct, Criminal Background Searches, & Criminal Clearance Letters.

7/14 today i went to the san diego sheriff's office License Division asked for a "Good Conduct Letter." They gave me the application, i filled it out, showed my id, and paid the fee. i couldve picked it up 3 days later, but i asked they just mail it to me. if youre in san diego, the adrs is:
San Diego Sheriff Lic. Division
9621 Ridgehaven Ct
San Diego, CA 92123

7/20 got the good conduct letter in the mail.

7/21 Today, i sent the good conduct letter to the state dept to have it legalized with an apostille. it cost me $20. i sent the good conduct letter along with a SASE and my own letter saying i am applying for an e-2 visa for south korea...
if you are in cali like me:

California Office of the Secretary of State
Business Programs Division
Notary Public Section
P.O. Box 942877
Sacramento, CA 94277-0001

7/31 got the letter from the sheriff back today. i did not get the apostille b/c i didnt get the sheriff letter notarized, so i have to do that & re-send. dammit.

08/02 went back to the sheriff & got my letter notarized. mailed it off again for the apostille.

08/11 got the cbc with apostille today. horray!

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