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Saturday, January 01, 2000

how much $ to bring/ location/ bringing laptop.

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Hi! I'm pinay-Canadian and is 28 years-old. I tried for three years to teach in Japan with Nova, Aeon and Geos. I had an offer at some private school in Gunma in 2006 but my dad had a heart attack the weekend I was going to accept the job. And then guess what? The school closed it's doors the follwoing month leaving my friend without a job in a foreign country. All the while, I was getting encouragement to teach in Korea but I didn't know anything about the country until I started watching Kdramas and stuff.

I'm so happy to see someone working for CDI! I've just finished two of the interviews, one from the recruiter and one from CDI HR. So I guess that mean I'm headed for the intensive training in August. What I would like to know is some questions regarding the processes involved like: how much money to bring, should I ask for pictures of housing, should I ask for a specific location, did you bring a laptop...etc?

a little tip to all: leave me an email adrs if you want me to reply, or put some sort of contact info on your blog........

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