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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


what will your place look like? think smallish. lots of people post photos of their place, so do a google image search for officetel, or korea apartment.
here are pictures of an officetel bedroom and bathroom. officetels are one big room and a bathroom. so, first two shots are of the same room, and then the bathroom... yeah... more info here. and watch this:


Anonymous said...

awesome blog! thanks for all the info

*Septembeblue* said...

I really like your blog. Recently I've been looking all over the internet for information about what it's like being black and a woman in Korea, and finding little of either. So thank you for your blog and all it's great links.

I found your blog by googling cute korean boy's. XD

Anonymous said...

I too will be a Black ESL teacher - if all goes according to plan. Anyways, I saw that you work for CDI - I'm thinking about working for them too. In your opinion, if I were to stay 6 months, is it worth the hourly pay? I know I'd have to pay my own rent and airfare and such. What do you think? I was thinking about a year at first, but now I'm not sure, I have other things in NY I feel I may have to be here for.

Thanks for any input!


Supa Fly said...

send me an email adrs or some sort of contact info, mr/s. anonymous, and i will give you my opinion. you can write me at

Kristen said...

Thanks for your blog. I've been reading eslcafe and it sucks. I get tired of the racism and complaining. Sound like you enjoy it over there. Is it okay if I ask questions occasionally? I graduate May 09. Random fact, yes, I know. Thanks for the awesome blog.

Supa Fly said...

hi kristen. ask away. your blogger profile is currently set to private, so ive no way of contacting you. feel free to email me

Lola O. said...

Thank you for all the helpful links and tips. I will be moving down in August and it is nice to learn about what it is like to be black and a female in South Korea.