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Monday, July 14, 2008

just in case

here in korea, i dont go around saying im a proud american, but i do say southern cali is my home and i do miss it sometimes.

i dont know much about the american military, but i do know that if north korea goes crazy and invades south korea, the american military here will come find and save me b/c im american. well, they're supposed to, anyway, so long as youre registered with the american embassy.

i of course have issues w/my country and some of our practices. but despite what your politics are or if you agree w/what america is/does, i think it best to register with the american embassy when you get here, just in case. if youre not on the army's list when they come in saving people, they cant help you. then wont you feel pretty silly?


Miss Mindy said...

Thanks for the link! Got my lazy arse in gear and finally registered last night.

Miss Mindy said...

Ah, thanks again. I was wondering how to do it, but never took the time to research.