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Saturday, July 26, 2008

no degree

quick update: teach with 2 years of undergrad.
the laws are changing soon, you wont need a degree to teach english in korea. discussion on esl cafe.

Update: From the APC website: *Update on degree requirements:As of September, 2008 some provinces in Korea have arranged for an exception to the education requirements for the E-2 visa. Due to very high demand for English native speakers to teach in public schools, those with with two years full-time post-secondary study at an accredited university, community college, or vocational school in an English-speaking country are eligible for teaching employment visas. You must meet all the other visa requirements and your employment prospects will be limited to public schools in participating provinces only. We do have access to teaching positions in the public school system and we welcome applications from those interested in this new program.


Anonymous said...

Good evening Seoul Sista! First of all, great blog! It's very informative and entertaining! You are so right, they did change the laws! I thought those job posts for people with associate degrees were scams! I sent my resume, cover letter and picture out online to four or five different places on October 13th and ALL of them replied by October 14th! One place called me from Korea the same night for a phone interview while I was riding the city bus home! (I almost missed my stop talking to the consultant!) I am looking forward to teaching English in South Korea! Yes, I have years of experience working with children, even though the job posts stated that I didn't need any teaching experience. I have to get ready for the rest of the phone interviews now, so I'll let you know how it all goes. Have a great day!

ahram said...

hi, i saw this link from dave's esl cafe forum. i just had a couple questions. i've been doing some research because i really want to teach english in korea but i don't have a degree. i have 2 years of college and i'm eligible for an f4 visa. is it possible to find a teaching job in seoul, if so how do i go about getting a job? most job sites and recuiter sites say that i need a degree. if you could help me out that would be awesome. thanks! if you can email me at that would be great.