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Saturday, January 01, 2000

rural area/metro area

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From: ..S..
Date: Jun 15, 2008 1:11 PM
hello my name is s i've been working with a recruiter for cdi and have been a little apprehensive about following through with this experience b/c i know so little about korea and cdi.i asked about race relations and the recruiter gave me a very fair explanation on what to expect. he suggested i choose a metropolitan city instead of a rural area to teach.but i don't know the names of any of the areas. will you give me some suggestions about areas that would be appealing for black americans to teach in south korea?if there is any other advice, please let me know.i appreciate any information that you can give looking forward to seoul
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From: ..The Supa Dupa Fly Seoul Sista..
Date: Jun 15, 2008 11:21 PM
hi s. i live in anyang, 45 min south of seoul by subway, and im happy with where i live. tho there are challenges in living in a rural area, it doesnt mean you shouldnt live there, it's up to you. have you checked the groups? maybe you can find people in areas youre looking to live in and they can give you their perspective. what was important to me ws living close to my job.
to find more of us in seoul:
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myspace: ....http://groups...myspace... com/seoulbrothasandsistas..
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From: ..S..
Date: Jun 16, 2008 4:13 AM
thanks for your, i haven't checked the group yet, but i will the recruiter was suggesting a metropolitan area b/c he said those areas are more diversified and i would less likely experience racism in the city as opposed to rural areas.but i'll contact the group and carry on from there thanks again...............
hi s. i understand what the recruiter is saying... but i think it's up to you whether or not you want to live in a more rural area. it's not like you'll step out the door everyday and people will yell ugly things at you if you live in the sticks.

one sister... i dont remember where, i'll try to find her myspace profile later... works a couple hours outside seoul and overall loves it. it gets annoying at times, people always want to take her picture and want to say hello to her, spend time with her, buy her dinner/drinks (everyone, not just men, but women and families and elders) b/c she's different. she gets free stuff every time she goes shopping at the local market, again, b/c she's different and people are attracted to it.

for any black person coming to kroea, i ask them to read up on korean culture as much as they can before they get here, watch korean movies and try to eat korean foods, but where ever you end up, you wont really know what it's like until you ARE here.

any discrimination i experience, i easily forgive, b/c it' not racism here, it's ignorance,people just dont know/understand. it's not hate, so im not mad about it. ive been turned away at a couple of businesses (unsure if the reason is my color, my foreigner status or my inability to communicate) but nothing has been worse than ive experienced back home. nothing has been so bad that i've wanted to leave korea.dont move to a metropolitan area if you dont want to. take the job that you think you'll like the best, wherever you are, im sure you can make it work. :)

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