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Saturday, January 01, 2000


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Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 6:53:26 PM
Subject: NYC Sista Coming to South Korea In March!

Hi there,I came across your blog the previous evening after i decided to make it mymission to find American females of color living in Korea. And let me justtell you i was extremely ecstatic! I see that you're originally from SanDiego. I've been out there myself over the past two years for Comic-Con.awesome city. So, i thought i'd drop you a line in forms of a "Roll call".ha-ha.I start teaching March 5th in Suncheon City. It's a few hours South ofSeoul. I would love to hear more about your experience so far in thecountry. And any advice you have to offer a sista before she boards forKorea would be much appreciated.Here's hoping that you will keep in touch.
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So far all is well for me in Korea. My days are long, working from 10AM-6:50PM with an Hour and a Half break for lunch. I love eating out in Suncheon because its so cheap and the food is really good. However, back home i had no problems going to restaurants or any place by myself. I'm finding that in Korea im a bit hesitant to go anywhere. I'm trying to break myself out this habit of spending most of my weekends locked away in my apt with my pj's.When the heck is this mixer, i'm ready to get out and meet some folks of Color?!
i arrived in korea in february 2007. i looked hard for black people. i emailed random blk folks i found online that were already in korea, and got sparse and sporadic responses. i tried to ahve this "mixer" in april, but it didnt work out...

two sistas came and we'd had a quick walk/talk, then they went clubbing. another sista showed, with a friend of hers, and she actually had a little bit of an attitude with me after showing up and no one was there, like she was annoyed she'd put effort in getting there and no one else did, like it was my fault. she said something like, "you need to get on this" or something, said that no one she spoke to KNEW about the mixer. i remember being annoyed with her for not making more effort herself to put out the word.

well, i didnt many black people face to face, i sent emails and no one responded. i only knew two other black people (fm work, one sista samoan, the other american) and neither of them showed. but this is human nature, yes? we're all caught up in our own lives, in our own thing. i think this is the most difficult thing to deal with here: finding friends, finding like-minded people.

this is my advice to those coming to korea: find out where you'll be in korea, and make online friends in that area, so when you get here, you wont be alone. ~i_teach.

to find more of us in seoul:

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