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Saturday, January 01, 2000

criminal background check

To: english teacher
Sent: Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:25 pm
Subject: Re: did i already email you?

sorry if so.frantically trying to figure out how to deal with the background check.
do i need to wait around the extra month or more for the fbi to get my fingerprints?do i not want the police station one? i ordered it from the hollywood station, and they said it'd be ready today for $44. do i not want that?
thanks in advance.

yes, you did email me. yes, you can use the paper you get from the police station. it sounds like youre emailing many people, and reading and posting on many of the forums asking the same questions. Sweetheart, it's not that hard. you know what to do now. ifyou hear one conflicting bit of info from someone else, disregard it. if the school that hires you says they need something different, then give it to them, its nothing to worry about.

if you look for flaws in something, you will always find it. so stop looking, and relax. life in korea will be stressful enough.

copy/pasted email:
sure. im writing everything as ifyoure still in the states. if youre in korea, email me and i'll giveyou more details. there are two ways to get the cbc (criminal background check), you only need to do one (or do both and use whatever comes first):

one is to get a cdl (good conduct letter) from your sheriffs dept in your home town. google and find an email to teh sheriffs dept in your home town. write a simple email:
"Hi, I'm from San Diego. I want to apply for an e2 visa to south korea, and have to submit a letter of good conduct with my application. Can you please email me a GCL Application? Thank you."
fill out the application, the cost is 20$ or so, that's it. my friend in san diego did this and it only took 3 days. if youre in cali, you'll need an apostille, google that too.

the second, slower way: go this website
and request a set of fingerprint cards (it took 2 wks to come inthe mail). Follow the instructions in the letter they send: get fingerprinted by the police, and mail it with a check and letter saying why you need a cbc (this took another 3 weeks or so). then get an appostille.

im in korea now, so i had to do things a little different. i belive an appostille is only for ifyoure coming to korea for the first time, so i didnt need one. Instead, i had to get my cbc "authenticated" which is misleading jargon korea uses, b/c i didnt get authenticated, i got an affidavit from the us embassy here in seoul.

same instructions linked here and here.

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