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Saturday, January 01, 2000

cdi unpaid meetings/furnishing your apt

Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2007 12:41:07 PM
Subject: Re: i saw your blog

Yea I read that rented an officetel....that...didnt come with a bed or anything?? Yea I'm afraid I will be spending my nights on the floor as well. I'm actually quite reserve in person ;) I hate "bugging" other people to help out...and with such personal things like setting up my apartment. I dont know anyone in Korea really lol. Oh well. everybody is in the same boat when they arrive. i had a hard time too having to lean on and ask things of people, but it's temporary. once you're set up, you'll be ok. you only have to go throught it once.

the officetel i live in came with nothing at all. i had bedsheets i brought from home (b/c they're my favorite), I bought a mat, duvet, and pillow at emart, and slept on that. the mat sucked, it was like an inch of foam. this was all i had in my apartment for the first 6 weeks or so. perhaps i couldve found something more comfortable to sleep on, but i didnt ask for help from anyone. some of my coworkers had the korean staff help them and ordered beds online and only had to deal with floor sleeping for 3 days or so.

Anyhoo, I also heard there workshops for cdi that are also unpaid...about how many "workshops" are there? and how long are they? I dont mind unpaid prep time cuz prep time benefits me. I dont mind mandatory mtgs....I have them every two weeks and as useless as they are..I dont even care anymore. But if these workshops are really long and outside normal working hours then I'd hate to be a part of it. how many... i dont know. we've had meetings, they run maybe an hour, hour and a half. in this term, i would guess there have been 4 meetings. there've been only two workshops ive had to attend thus far were those to prepare on how to give students their "level up" test, the test that determines if they should move to the next level of english at cdi. there were two meetings, and they were both 3 hours long. i wasnt too happy that day. but at least they gave us pizza.

Anddd how much are utilities? including dsl and stuff... i have only had one utility bill thus far, it was around 60USD. i recently got cable tv, it's $14 a month. i dont have a computer, so i dont know what internet costs. you can check on esl cafe, or wiki galbijim. i am only guessing, but i tihnk internet is like $30 or so a month.

Thanks so much. Hope I didnt annoy you... nah.

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