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Saturday, January 01, 2000

korean attitude towards blacks

From: XXX
Date: Jun 11, 2007 7:33 AM
I recently found your blog about teaching in South Korea. I am currently in the process of sifting through offers to see which is the best for me. I would like to know I you have heard of Pagoda Institute and if so what is there reputation. Also, I have heard that Korean are very racist toward African Americans. As an Africa America male this concerns me a bit. How has your experience been in regards to racism? Thank you in advance for taking the time read my questions; I look forward to hearing from you.-XXX

hi marius. ive not heard of pagoda, but i did a google search narrowing it down to results found on esl cafe, hope this helps.

as far as koreans being racist: ive not experienced anything worse here than i have back home. i love my job, i love my life here. all the talk of koreans being racist is coming from white males who dont know how to cope when living in the minority instead of the majority. ive not experienced anything thus far to make me regret coming.

i go into more detail in the blog, but in a nutshell: ignore all the negative. it depends on YOU whether or not you'll enjoy your time here. when you do arrive, you have a sista awaiting for support. :)


Kemi said...

Hi, I am in the process of moving to Korea to teach ESL. Can you give me any useful tips and advice about Korea.

Supa Fly said...

hi kemi. learn the korean alphabet. it's helpful to be able to read, many things are written phoenetically in english, on menus in restaurants, for example.

Randy said...

hey I was offered a job a Hyundai, as an engineer. I am AA and I have been reading up...please email me because I plan to take the job but I dont know anyone or anything about it other than the military issues.

Anonymous said...

I am the chief engineer at Hundai and I have no knowledge of any black being offered a job with us. It has been my experience that the blacks lack the expertise to advance in our business.

supa dupa fly said...

You're the chief engineer at Hundai? Sure...