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Saturday, January 01, 2000

cdi key money

i proofread this person's email when i replied. is that wrong?

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Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 4:36:12 AM
Subject: Tab

Great blog, I am being recruited Aclipse, they just sent my application essay, and photo over to CDI. I am an African American female and I am very excited about teaching overseas. I hope I get the job should know by next week. I had a question in regards to the key money for housing. I am of course considering hourly and I know I am responsible for my finding my own accomodation. I wanted to know if CDI pays for my deposit. will this 5,000,000 key money be automatically deducted from my pay? Did CDI deduct the key money from your take home and your first year? In And if we decided not to use the CDI realtor, can are we allowed to find room mates for our own place?. I am only staying one year, that was a bit of a grey area for me. I was also considering finding a room mate to avoid this if so, I am not too keen to kin on having so much money deducted in my first year.


Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 10:41:03 AM
Subject: Re: Tab

cdi has a realtor you can use to find housing, or you can find your own realtor when you get here. Most use the cdi realtor.

cdi pays your key money for you the first year. if you renew your contract and stay another year, you would have to pay your own key money. Some people have the money saved up and pay it in one lump sum, others have cdi pull the money from their check every month until it is paid. I did the latter, and they pulled 500,000 won each month for 5 months. You get the money back when you move out of the apartment.

you can use your own realtor, but if you use cdi's key money, they insist the realtor meet certain requirements. i dont remember what they are, it's been so long. you can ask the recruiter about it. You can have a roommate if you want. some teacher meet each other during training and decide to room together for the year.

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