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Saturday, January 01, 2000


Subject: Re: in korea
Date:Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:13 am


1. Where do you work? I'm all over the place, looking at places like CDI, GnB, etc., recruiters and private schools directly.

2. How would you say friendships go? Is it a mix between Koreans and foreigners? I'm sure language plays a big part in it.

3. Do you get along well in Korea as a black person? Not that I can't handle it: racism doesn't really affect me to the point where I'd give up or leave, but I just want to be prepared.

Thanks! Smile
i work for cdi. it has it's ups and downs.

i am friendly w/my coworkers, who are mostly white. in my private time, i pretty much only hang out w/black friends ive made here. not that others havent been friendly to me, but in my own social life, it's what i prefer.

do i get along well? yes, really i dont feel its much different from home, there are things you love and things you hate. i personally havent experienced anything worse than i already have back home.

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