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Thursday, April 10, 2008

korean boys are cute

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i went out with some friends a couple weekends ago and oh my god, this place just had the cutest korean boys i've ever seen. these two were the waiters, i dont remember their names but oh wow they were super cute. read a little bit about it on my homegirls Kisha's blog.

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and damn, why she got to post the photos where i'm looking all confused and lost? b/c everybody here was ready for a picture except for me! b/c she was trying to keep me from my korean boyfriends, that's why. haters, all of them. >:(

i dont do much of a job posting real life on this website, like real experiences or what i do socially and all. my friends do a much better job, you can find some of their blogs here.


t-HYPE said...

See, that's the kinda foolishness that makes me wanna hop on a plane TOday!

I'll be hollarin' at y'all in August though...

anjelcat in asia... said...

Sha you are just plain crazy!!!! I need to do a better job of posting Korean stuff, but....oh well...Fuck it!!!

Kay said...


I found your blog from our convo over at Dave's ESL. I wanted to say "thanks" and I'm loving reading your blog!


Christoph said...

How goes it?!
I like your layout. Looks great. Keep up the blog work!