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Saturday, January 01, 2000

cdi training/cctv

Date: Jun 20, 2007 5:04 PM
Hey~ Thanks for the reply! It's true, I don't think many native speakers remember what they learned about grammar. I went online and did some testings and would always end up getting a 8 out of 10 or so. I felt so miserable ahahah But seriously, I thank you so much for giving me feedback and responding back to my messages. I don't feel comfortable asking the recruiters this detailed of a question. The person that interviewed me sounded as if she was in a hurry and a bit annoyed when I asked her questions. Anyways, thank you very much for your responses! I could not have gotten any of these answers without you :) I am seriously thankful that I came across your page/blog! I am soo happy that people don't "fail" from the CDI training! I think my greatest fear was that if I end up failing the training, that I would be sent home. I think that's what the recruiter told me. Anyways, again... I really want to thank you! ah yeah, no problem ask any question :) during training, one of the trainers let us know that he actually failed training the first time. fast forward 2 years later and now he's like a branch manager or something, and does the training himself. he told us that he failed training, they asked him to stay a few extra days, did some intimate one on one lessons with him, and he moved on. again i dont KNOW, but im pretty sure nobody fails training.

Date: Jun 22, 2007 6:04 AM
Well it's comforting to know that the trainer himself failed training the first time ahhah. But are you happy working at CDI? How do you feel about the CCTV caturing your every move? I guess having a CCTV isn't a bad thing but I would imagine it would be a bit uncomfortable at first. Knowing that you're constantly being watched feels a bit uncomfortable, no? Well, though I am feeling 100% better than before and its all thanks to you :)

I think I might re-think my future employment with CDI just because I'm not 100% sure about their uptight process of medical, training, and "pay for your own airline ticket and we'll reimburse you when you get here and pass the training." my parents aren't feeling very comfortable with the whole idea either. But thank you for all your responses! am i happy working at cdi: yes, very. i dont have any other korea jobs to compare it to, only the stories i hear from coworkers, and things at cdi are really ok. having taught a little bit before, cdi seems really together to me, i like working there.

the cctv: i dont really think about it. it's not like cdi is trying to trick its' employees. we're told that classes are recorded before we take the job. on the plus side, if anything bad happens in class, there's the proof on tape of what really happened.

the reimbursing airfare is common, btw, so i wouldnt really worry about that part. as soon as i opened a bank account in korea cdi reimbursed my plane ticket in full within a few days.

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