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Saturday, January 01, 2000


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Soul Sista...I think your blog is great!...I am on my way to teah in Seoul...well leaving in August 2007...I was too crunk to come across your blog/myspace forum...I am have been teaching in the Atlanta Public School systerm for 5 years...last year I decided it was time for me too move on...

I have two friends currently teaching in Japan and one of them referred me to FOOTPRINTS TEACHING...ever heard of it?...anyway...they have been great thus far...I have not chosen the exact school I will be teaching at and cant decide between Private or you have deeper insight on some of the major diferences?...the benefit/salary packages for both were great on paper...

I am a slight Nerd...I have taken upon myself to begin to learn the language/culture/food...but I am a black woman...who can be hard to digest my own people because of my confidence and outspoken amongst all the other questions I have just bombarded you with...sorry...I would really like to chat with you about your "real" experiences as a black woman in South Korea...holla back whenever you can even find me on butterfly

Peace & Love

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