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Saturday, January 01, 2000

footprints recruiting

Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 10:08:55 PM
Subject: Sista 2 SistaSoul Sista...I think your blog is great!

...I am on my way to teach in Seoul...well leaving in August 2007...I was too crunk to come across your blog/myspace forum...I am have been teaching in the XXX Public School system for 5 years...last year I decided it was time for me too move on...I have two friends currently teaching in Japan and one of them referred me to FOOTPRINTS TEACHING...ever heard of it?...anyway...they have been great thus far...I have not chosen the exact school I will be teaching at and cant decide between Private or you have deeper insight on some of the major differences?...the benefit/salary packages for both were great on paper...I am a slight Nerd...I have taken upon myself to begin to learn the language/culture/food...but I am a black woman...who can be hard to digest my own people because of my confidence and outspoken amongst all the other questions I have just bombarded you with...sorry...I would really like to chat with you about your "real" experiences as a black woman in South Korea...holla back whenever you can.


hi xxx, nice to meet you! i think you will love it here, i do. a lot of my coworkers are so-so, but i think prior teaching experience makes a huge difference. i love the students, and work doesnt feel too much like "work" for me, especially compared to teaching in the states. i HAVE heard of footprints, very reputable as far as i know, go with them.

public vs private: i dont know enough to comment, im sorry. if you go for private, do let me know, or post the name of the school on the myspace forum or eslcafe forum to get some feedback, maybe someone worked there or knows if it's a shitty school that doesnt pay on time/in full or other b.s.. i know class size is smaller: private could be like 10-ish (my smallest class is 3 students, my biggest is 15), where as public can be upwards of 40 i think? ask in the forums, im sure someone is around that's more knowledgeable than me.

do let me know where you'll be teaching! i hope you can get somewhere close to seoul so you can get to itaewon (foreigners area). i live in pyeongchon, about 45 min from there. im not crazy about the area (tons of bars and clubs and im an old cat and never stay out past 11pm!) but i like to go every so often for lunch or something, it's the only place where i see black people. hit me up with questions whenever/whatever.


Anonymous said...

Hey I just got hooked up with footprints and my parents want to know if it is reputable? I am also A women of color and wanted to know how things are going over there...

Anonymous said...

I recommend Koreaconnections. Footprints just toss you around to schools and don't reply.

robin said...

Koreaconnections is ONLY good for public schools and nothing else.
I have applied and they gave a position that has been on the blacklist for freaking 2 years)

If you are looking for good private/reputable schools, do not apply to Koreaconnections or footprints.(private schools are just side business for them)

Apply directly to some big names like:

YBM, CDI, POLY, and more!
(They have their own HR divisions, so u dont need to find recruiters to get a job)

Anonymous said...

I would recommend Koreaconnections out of all the agencies for recruiting ESL teachers in Korea.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't apply directly to a school, becaue recruiters will really help you alot with questions that HR directors don't.

Anonymous said...

Are you still there? How did it go? Who did you go with?