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Saturday, January 01, 2000


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I came across your blog and I wanted to say that it's great. Thank you for having something that we African Americans can reference to when we are half way around the world. I will be in South Korea sometime in July or August to teach, and I am very nervous. Thanks to you, I know that someone is there to do my hair. I was really worried about that one. Anyway . . . I am from Toronto, Canada and it's very multi-cultural here. I know Korea will be different, and this is why I need to ask this question. How is dating over there. I love my black men,. but based on my research, they are all seeking South Korean women. Is it easy to date over there, or will I be dateless through the duration of my contract?

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Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 3:33:37 AM
Subject: south korea!

hi , im way behind on my emails, my apologies. dating: there are TONS of african men here, most i meet are nigerian and they come at you HARD. the problem is tho is that they all know each other. so it can be hard to sample all that the africans here have to offer.

there are a lot of miliary in itaewon in seoul, but dating military men is a whole other can of beans

ive met the occasional black male english teacher... actually ive met 5 in the year ive been here. and 4 ive never met in person, i only konw them online, in facebook, etc.

if youre a sex fiend like me, you can put out ads on craigslist or adultfriendfinder for casual sex. shh... dont tell anybody ;)

overall... i say yes, expect to be dateless in terms of black men, and maybe dateless altogether b/c it seems every man here loves these skinny no-ass korean women.

actually, the "blk korea" online groups are getting pretty big, maybe you can make a connection there?

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