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Wednesday, January 05, 2000

public school vs CDI

Thanks for the quick reply, With such a great website, how do you find time to teach your regular job? :-) Anywho...

I'm torn between a public elementary school position and working for CDI in Naebang. Both are very friendly working environments. I'll go to the week long CDI training on Monday to experience the "CDI corporate culture." Maybe that will help me make my final decision.

Look forward to your next posting... who knows, maybe we could meet up eventually in this small expat community here! Sincerely, XXXX
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2007 3:55:40 PM
Subject: Re: Qs about teaching at CDI

no problem. any question, i am an open book.

i have heard that people like teaching public b/c you'll not have issues with not getting paid in full/on time. this is not an issue for cdi, you always get paid in full and on time. perhaps think about what the class size may be? for public, i think it's upwards of 20 kids? the biggest cdi class willl never be over 15. my biggest is 12, my smallest is 4.

also, the cdi classes are split into level of comprehension as well as age. i really like this b/c i know the students understand me. i have a friend teaching public who finds it frustrating sometimes b/c only a handful of kids understand her and sometimes it makes her feel a bit "useless." but still overall she loves her job.

another issue is how long each class is. cdi classes are 3 hours each, but i dont mind it, i really love only dealing with 2 sets of kids a day. i dont know how public school works here, like if you'll have one set of kids all day or several. perhaps check that out to help in your decision.

so are you in gangnam now? doing training next week? we can meet if you'd like, have lunch or something. ~i_teach

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