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Sunday, November 05, 2006

the recruiters i'm working with

i'll update later as to whether or not i get my job via this company, but here is their contact info for now. the website is in korean, but i did a google search for "jobbusan" and was able to click "translate this page," thanks, Google! the website looks like a temp agency. i couldnt get the logo, but check out this neat little banner:
JobBusan Inc.
Busan, Ulsan, Gyungnam
No1 site
Tel : +82-51-462-1515
Fax : +82-51-462-4004
jobbusan is working on getting me a public school job in changwon. a davesesl-er cautioned i ask about the job being on one campus, or multiple campuses (commute might be wack), also that with public school i may be the only foreigner (fluent english speaker) there and thus have no one to talk to. we'll see what happens. I've said this elsewhere i think, but if you are on the job hunt, open up a new email solely for your job search; something like initial_lastname@ you get a LOT of emails once your resume is out, as well as a lot of nigerian scams and "verify your credit card" and sexxy assians, etc. Many people advise sending your resume to as many recruiters as possible as well as posting it as many places as possible; i do not recommend this, it's way more emails than i wanted to handle. plus, you run the risk of multiple recruiters showing you to the same school, i think that would make one look unstable. try just a couple at a time, take it slow, search through the offers for something you like.
update: i ended up not using jubbusan. i had no problems with them at all; i just happened to get a job offer elsewhere through GoodEnglish1st. i dont know how, i never registered with them. i think a recruiter saw my resume posted somewhere; i got an email and then a phone call out the blue asking if i'd be interested in interviewing with cdi.

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