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Friday, November 24, 2006

hogwan or not, take every application process seriously.

Part of the CDI application process is that you write an essay in standard 5 paragraph format. They're simple "attack or defend" debate questions, no need to research or anything, and I spent three stinkin' days on it! *sigh* i just emailed it to the school an hour ago. im so nervous!!! i really was over-thinking it, i re-wrote it a bunch of times, and of course i wasnt happy with what i finished with. OK, but i still feel overall confident, tho. i feel really positive about the phone interview, i have teaching experience, i minored in english, im a substitute teacher... that's not a lot here, really, but i think it's valuable in the korean esl market... loyal readers, remember that Aeon fiasco that happened a few months ago? sure thought i had that one in the bag! :) man, i ate so much food today, my back hurts. happy thanksgiving!

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