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Thursday, November 09, 2006

thank you, anonymous.

look at what some wonderful anonymous person wrote to me!!! *teardrop* man, so perfect too. i woke up this morning, thinking about how much i dont want to go to work today, that no one is going to take as good of care of my cats as me when i leave for korea, that i have to buy a new scale b/c im not watching my nutrition at all, that im not saving up enough money, etc... and then i open my email and read this wonderful message:
Hi! I've been reading about your trials and tribulations, and I can totally empathize and identify with your situation since I also want to go to Japan and had been rejected by Nova over a year ago. I'm attempting to join Aeon so we will see how that goes.I know you kinda have your heart set on South Korea now, but if you want to give Japan one more try (maybe even as just practice for future oversea esl interviews) my friend who used to teach at Nova and then changed his job to teaching public jr high school recommended this company. got his public school job through them and highly recommends this ALT route over Nova and Aeon. I believe they recruit overseas. I hope that you would consider this cuz after reading some of your entries I think you would have a lot to offer your students and to the people of Japan. Anyways good luck whichever path you decide, and now that I'll keep on reading to see how everything turns out.PS I'm planning on looking into this also as my alternative/backup to Aeon since I know their application process is really competitive.
oh my gosh, what if this isnt even a real email? what if it's some undercover spammer who works for inerac? ah who cares, right now i feel great!

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