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Saturday, November 04, 2006

more cleaning house

i forgot about it, but not long after i gave away my instruments, i donated a bunch of art supplies to Morse High School in the neighborhood i grew up in. Mostly stretcher bars, some canvas, brushes, paper, pencils and erasers, a drafting table, an old opaque projector...

i have so much left: all my brushes, my mediums, my oil and acrylic paints, cavas, frames, etc. i'd like to do another art exhibition here before i leave, hopefully sell some things, make it a big goodbye party for me. not sure what i'll do with my supplies when i leave, schools can't accept oil mediums. maybe i'll craigslist it. or put it out at the art department at the college.

some have asked "won't you paint while in korea?" i dont know how i'd get all my stuff over. and i dont know where i'll be, how much room i'll have, etc. If i settle down and LIVE in korea, have a place with a spare room i can make my studio, then yesh for sure. until then, these really ought to go to someone who can use them. i'll have enough money to buy supplies again, i'm sure. think positive. it's gonna be great.

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