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Monday, November 06, 2006

i have the best blog ever.

i read random blogs of others in korea; i got to say really that none of them are as cool as mine. no really tho, it really disturbs me the kind of things i read: teachers who show up to work hung over or still drunk, that never get home before day light, all these nasty men talking about how hot and eager to please all the "k-girls" are. guh. i need to find some blogs by women! i want to read what the students are like, what the classes are like. im excited at a new job and possible entire career change. im excited to learn korean, im going to make all efforts to become as fluent as can. i found this neat website "Let's Learn Korean" a lot of the consonants and vowels sound the same to me. i've not developed an ear for it yet. working on it.


kangmi said...

There's some pretty good stuff out there in the Korean expat blogosphere, but perhaps not all what you're looking for.

I'd list a few, but I'm not up to the coding at the moment. But here are a couple of resources:

My personal Korea RSS feeds
The Korean Blog List

Dig around in either list, and I guarantee you'll find blogs worth reading. There are even some women in there. Not all of them are English teachers, but they still have good things to say.

i_teach_esl said...

i will check those out, thank you! if you think of any others, please do let me know.