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Sunday, November 12, 2006

this friggin font

hey, the font went back to before! yeah! i was really annoyed yesterday. i felt like this- >:( i knew very little of html when i started blogger, and worked meticulously to change codes so things would look exactly as i wanted them, so to see it yesterday all funky was disheartening. i worked so very hard... *tear drop.* anyway, on friday i told my boss that i was leaving. she said she was always happy to hear people follow their dreams, etc etc, i sent an email to the staff saying im leaving mid january, i got a bunch of emails back saying "congratulations." i still havent bought a scale, but i did make an appointment with jenny craig. laugh if you will, but them kirstie alley commercials are just too inspiring! i dont know her from eve, but when i see her on tv i feel so proud. walked to work yesterday. took me two hours. making little changes. proud of me, too.

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