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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

meet harvey!

above my new friend harvey of he is the handsome brotha in center to the right. i dont have much to say right now. jobbusan said they'll have a contract for me in december, so i'm just waiting.

i thought about looking for other contracts, but the more i look, the more i question which one is "best;" should i insist on seoul, should i teach adults only, should i ask for more money, etc. I've decided that im just going to take this jobbusan job if the contract looks ok, and then just go. it's only a year. next year i can switch cities if i want. or students. or heck, even countries! so im chillin right now.

the whole esl field in korea moves very fast once youre ready to leave, as i understand. if youre ready to leave in a week, you can get a job and be gone. since im not leaving for a while, i'm using this time to learn about the korean esl field, and korean culture. i read a few blogs here and there. im looking for where i can take korean language classes here. havent found any yet. but i've been watching lots of korean movies from netflix.

i highly recommend The Way Home (i hope im that tough when im an elder), attack the gas station (the guy in the green suit is friggin hot), and joint security area (i dont have a taste for war films, but this turned out to be about unity and brotherhood. i cried, it was beautiful).

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Stephanie said...

always on the lookout for more awesome movies I've never heard of. Thanks, woman!