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Sunday, November 05, 2006

maybe a job at a public school in Changwon

so im working on finding the right job/contract. Right now i am working with a recruiting company called JobBusan, they found my resume on davesesl. for prosperity, here is my correspondence with them thus far:

10-10-06 Dear xxx , This is James from Job Busan Inc in South Korea. I have seen your ad from Davs cafe web site and i am interested in your starting date. Because i have many public school position which will be starts 1st of March in Changwon, Masan, Busan and so on. If you are interested in any city(Public school position), please let me know. And please send me your full resume, passport copy and recent photo to my email address. I look forward hearing from you soon. Sincerely, James
Hi James, thank you for your email. Ideally, I would like to be in Korea after March 3rd. I have attached my cover letter and resume with photo. Thank you.
10-12-06 Dear xxx, Is it possible to changed your mind to come to Korea before 3rd of March? Because the school starting time is 2nd of March but they wanna some orientation for foreign teachers 1 week before to start. Please make a easy way and public school system is best time and best condition for foreign teacher in Korea. -James
Hi, thank you very much for your email, however, I am unable to come to Korea before March 3rd. If you have anything available that would start then, or afterwards (April, May, etc), I hope you keep me in mind. Thanks again.
10-18-06 Dear xxx. I have a Changwon Public school position. All Public school start from 1st of March. But several schools in Changwon need teachers from April. So, If you can come by April 2007, I want to recommend that position. content is all same with Masan public school. If you are interested this city position, Iet me know. and could you send me your copy of passport?
Regards, Mary
11-05-06, Hi Mary, thank you so much for your email. Yes, a job in Changwon in April sounds really good. My passport is expired, but my photo is attached to my resume. I will work on renewing my passport and will send you a copy as soon as I can. Can you please let me know a little more about the position? What is the age range of the students? How many students per class? Is there a set curriculum I would follow?Thank you.
11-06-05 Dear XXX Thanks for emailing. I will keep in touch with you til you make a good position in Changwon. Anyway there is 40 students in a class and teaching level is Elementary to Middle school students. Also there is some special curriculum with Co teacher. Maybe you and co teacher work together. Anything else? If you have some question, please let me know.
11-06-05 : Hi Mary. This sounds great. I"ll work on renewing my passport and sending you a copy; do let me know if/when a contract is available for me to look at. Thank you again for all your hard work!
11-06-05 Dear XXX The contract coming this Dec. I will send you asap when we make it. I wanna check again. You wanna work in Changwon public school from next April. Is it correct? -Mary
11-08-06 Hi Mary. I was wondering, if this job is teaching middle school and elementary students, would I be on one campus, or going to different campuses? Thank you again for all your help. Again, this job sounds good, but I am open to look at any job that is open after March 11.
11-9-06 Dear XXX, If you accept Changwon public school position, you will be work there with two type working condition. one is one school for you a week. and another is 2 schools for you a week. It is depend on Changwon Education office. Anyway i wll keep in touch with you all time so please send me if you have some question. Mary

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