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Thursday, November 23, 2006

my brother is aiight sometimes.

this morning i called my brother to explain to me the difference between an iPod and an mp3 player. "An iPod is and mp3 player," he explained, "Just like Kleenex is tissue." im so old and lame... anyways, i asked him b/c im always thinking about how to reduce all my possessions for when i leave for korea. i know that ipods are these small things that hold a lot of music. he explained to me that you turn your music into i-tunes and then you can put them on an ipod, or something? hey, i said already that im lame, OK?! i have a lot of cds, and i was wondering if i should invest in an mp3 player to store my music. later i went to my parents house for thanksgiving dinner, and when my brother got there, he gave me an mp3 player. one he'd had for a while, actually, bought it for a friend who got one on his own before my brother could give it to him. but anyway, thanks again, brother. just wanted to give you props where everyone can see it. :) edit: how to fix an ipod


i_teach_esl said...

my homegirl Sandra G came up to me at work yesterday and says, "dude, even I know what an ipod is." yeah har-har, whatever, point is that i have one and you dont. suck on that!

Anonymous said...

Whatever sha!

If you keep that up, I'm not going to visit you in Korea.

i_teach_esl said...

i dont need you to visit me, i'll have an ipod to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Keep your damn ipod!

is the ipod going to talk to you huh? is it going to watch movies with you? NO!

well I'm going to use my money from my Korea trip to use it somewhere else.

Vegas here I come!

i_teach_esl said...

har-har! maybe you'll win enough money to buy your own ipod!

Anonymous said...

Okay sha enough!
you win!
I give up!