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Thursday, November 02, 2006

having a USA address while living abroad.

still reducing my possessions. i went to my parents house and went through the boxes i have there. i started with 6 boxes, i left with two. (the brotha with the hat standing to the left of fergie is black and filipino like me, btw. reprazent!) ive given blaque at least ten t shirts. "dont give away your things, sha," she pleads. i tell her that i really am leaving in march. she said she knows, but my giving my things away makes it more real. (awwwww...)

i found a company that keeps mail for you, and sends it overseas they'll take pictures of your mail, and you can go online, and let them know what you want sent to you abroad, and what you want discarded. if its urgent, you can have them open your mail and they'll fax it to you. brilliant.
march 2007, i'll be in korea.

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